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Our Lawyers Will Help With Your Legal Process Reguarding Divorces, Legel Separation and Nullity

The divorce lawyers at the Law Offices of Pamela M. Hanover, A Professional Corporation in Santa Barbara, California, make certain that your rights are protected when dealing with a legal separation, divorce, nullity and other aspects of marital law. Whether you need a prenuptial agreement or you are navigating a divorce, our legal representatives will protect your rights in court to ensure you are treated fairly.

Divorce and Domestic Representation

You deserve thorough representation when it comes to navigating the complexities of marriage and legal separation matters. Our divorce lawyers will aggressively advocate on your behalf to ensure a just outcome for your situation. Our legal services include:

Separated Couple

Marital and Prenuptial Agreements: Protect your interest in property, custody, and support by drafting a complete prenuptial or marital agreement.

Paternity: Paternity adjudications are necessary before a court awards support, custody, and other child obligations and rights.

Divorce: We represent clients involved in a divorce, nullity, or legal separation proceeding.

Contempt or Enforcement Proceedings: If one party has violated a court order, such as paying child support, or if you are faced with a contempt proceeding, we can provide experienced representation.

Property Division and Allocation of Marital Assets and Debts: We advise on all aspects of debt and community property division during divorces.

Domestic Violence: If you suffered from domestic violence or you have been charged with committing domestic violence, there can be serious implications for your child custody, divorce, or support proceedings.

Restraining Orders: If you need protection, we can help you obtain a restraining order for your safety or the safety of your children and family. We will also help those who have been served with a protection order.